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Juxtpose 08-08-2017 06:49 AM

New Live Set!
Made a new live set, this one came together quickly and is always the most fun/best sounding on first play through

Most of the fiddling is done on the Rytm, treating it as a synth as well as the main drums, kick hats etc. Made some short loops with the Mother 32 and Microbrute and used the APC40 for volume eq and fx. New addition this time was having a synth plugin running midi for pads, this works well as chopping pads into small samples usually sounds bad at the looping point. Also after a comment on a previous set about reverb I ran everything through ableton and used the reverb on the FX send for everything including the Rytm. Running the kick separately out of the Rytm also allows me to sidechain each channel however much I like. Enjoy!

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