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Slomeed 12-03-2017 05:13 AM

[Prog Trance] Damerchi-Justified
feedback very appreciated, cheers!

Mario D 12-03-2017 01:37 PM

Re: [Prog Trance] Damerchi-Justified
Does bass have delay? There is some weird delay in the background when bass hits. Maybe it's the stabs. Something is in the background not going in rithm, listen carefully.

Thought rithm, bass, stabs sound great. Great progresion.

Faintbrush 13-03-2017 03:14 AM

Re: [Prog Trance] Damerchi-Justified
Yeah, something about the bass is a little off - I noticed it mostly around 5:55 where you pull out the kick. Sounds like maybe you layered a couple synths and the timing isn't quite lining up? Or maybe you've got a delay or longish reverb that's making it sorta smudgy?

A few more notes:
First two minutes - I wanted to hear a little more variation, you might consider giving you pads a bit more movement (either vary the dynamics or mix up the chord progression every 16th bar or something).

The transition at 2:25 felt a little weak. You might think about letting the new bass line play out for a full 16 before brining in the lead at 2:30? Not really sure...

The kick drum pattern at 3:40 doesn’t really punch through. You use a different kick in this section that has a much longer tail, which is fine, but it needs more attack.

_nanonoise_ 14-03-2017 04:23 PM

Re: [Prog Trance] Damerchi-Justified
long time ago that I heard some trance. I like it.
Takes me back to classic trance tracks (melody somehow reminds me of plastic boy - live another life)

I like the chords and melody. The intro and outro synths sound nice as well.
Your kick sounds a bit weak imo and could use some more bass (or you could add an extra bassline in line with the main flanged pluck synth),

but overall nice track

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